Alumni Association

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Decatur Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (CPAAA) is to assure and implement community awareness of the criminal justice system, to assist in fostering better community relationships among citizens and the members of the criminal justice system, and to provide volunteer support to law enforcement activities which directly affect the community. It is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.

DCPAAA is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Decatur, Texas by supporting the Decatur Police Department personnel through educational training, volunteerism, and community activities.

  • Be Goodwill Ambassadors in making Decatur a better place to live
  • Inform the community and promote awareness and understanding
  • Provide resources and training equipment for the Decatur Police Department
  • Support Decatur Police Department community activities and encourage volunteers
  • Support the Citizens Academy and encourage graduates to be involved in the DCPAAA