Reference Services

The library has reference materials and librarians available to provide reference assistance.

Internet Access & Computer Services

The library offers free access to computers with Microsoft Office products, games, and Internet access to patrons on a first come first served basis. Please limit your time to an hour if others are waiting. It is important to note that information available on the Internet cannot be monitored or controlled by library staff. Internet users must accept responsibility for their choice of sites and the possible content thereof.

It is recommended the children under the age of 14 be accompanied by an adult while using the internet. Responsibility for the child's internet usage resides with the parent or legal guardian.

Printing is available at a cost of $.20 per page for black and white copies, and $.40 per page for color copies.

TexShare Databases

TexShare Databases include resources from more than 4.700 magazines, scholarly publications, and newspapers. These resources are accurate, current, authoritative, and provide full-text articles from verifiable, subscription-only sources. The information available through the Texshare Databases is not available on the internet. Access to the Texshare Databases requires a login and password available from your library.

Other Services

  • The library has popular magazines and newspapers available online and newspapers and wifi workstations in-house.
  • The library also offers borrowing from MetroShare Libraries.
  • The library has a public fax machine and a color photocopier available for the public. There is a minimal charge associated with some of these services.