Driver Safety Course

You may be eligible to request a Driver Safety Course for your citation if you meet the following requirements:

1. You must submit a copy of your valid Texas driver licence, but you are not eligible if you are a holder of a commercial driver license.
2. You must submit a copy of valid proof of insurance where you are a listed as a named driver or rated driver on the policy.
3. You cannot have completed a driver safety course for a citation in the past twelve months anywhere in the state of Texas.
4. You cannot have been charged with speeding 25 or more miles over the speed limit.
5. You cannot have committed the offense in a construction zone while workers were present.
6. You must submit payment of your Court Costs at the time of your request. Court Costs for non-school zone violations is $109.10 and Court Costs for those offenses which occurred in a school zone are $134.10.
7. You must submit the copies of your driver’s licence, proof of insurance, Court Costs, and a request  either in person or via certified mail on or before your appearance date on the bottom of your citation.
8. Driving Safety is a legal right once every 12 months, but only if you follow the specific rules set forth in the C.C.P Art. 45.0511 of the Texas statutory law. Please note that if you chose to mail your driving safety request through the mail, it will not be considered timely filed and perfected if it is not sent via CERTIFIED MAIL.
  Please be sure that you have read and understand the above listed requirements and that when requesting by mail that you have included all required documents and included your payment for Court Costs. Any late or incomplete submissions will not be granted by the Judge of the Court.