Non-Payment & Returned Checks

Returned Checks

Any check deemed insufficient will not be re-deposited.

If a check is returned to the City for non-payment for any reason, a notification will be sent to the person issuing the check. This notice includes the amount due on the check, a $30.00 returned check fee, and the date utility service may be interrupted for non-payment.  

Acceptable payments methods for returned checks include cash, cashier’s checks, money order, or credit cards.

Disconnects for Non-Payment

All accounts are considered past due on the next business day after the due date; a 10% penalty will be applied.

Ten days (10 days) after the due date, accounts not paid in full are subject to disconnection of service.  

The following additional fees will be applied to accounts that have bee disconnected for non-payment:

  • $10.00 Disconnect List Fee
  • $75.00 Disconnect Fee
  • $100.00 Reconnect Fee