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General Information
Both Oak Lawn Cemetery and Sand Hill Cemetery are part of a single municipal cemetery system operated by the City of Decatur.  The Board is appointed annually by the Decatur City Council and is under City supervision.  The Board meets bimonthly, in odd-numbered months, on the third Monday of the month, 10:00 a.m. in the City of Decatur City Hall building.  Meetings are open to all lot owners.

Purchase of Grave Spaces/Lots
The price of burial plots is the same for both cemeteries.  Effective February 1, 2021, the current price is $700.00 for each grave space, which includes a perpetual care fee to provide upkeep of the space.  Lots can be purchased by contacting Joyce Horton or Chet Niblett.  

Headstone Pictures, Listing of Burials, Funeral Records, Obituaries, etc. 
Visit the Wise County Historical Commission web page to obtain pictures of headstones or information on all Wise County cemeteries, obituaries, funeral records, census records, birth and death records, etc.  This site is not operated by the City of Decatur Cemetery Board.

For the location of burials in Oak Lawn since 2002, you will need to contact the Cemetery Board Secretary.  Most burials in Sand Hill since 2000 will be in the far western section of the cemetery.

Annual Cemetery Board Summary Report

2023 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report and Monuments Listing
2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Cemetery Board Rules and Regulations
Cemetery Board Rules and Regulations (Spanish)
Cemetery Curbing Requirements
Important Notice for All Lot Owners Regarding Items Placed on Lots
Noticia Importante Cementerios

Contact Us

  1. Joyce Horton

    Cemetery Board

    P.O. Box 15
    Decatur, TX 76234



    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 5 p.m.